Turnkey microgrid development


We manage the entire project development process with activities such as land acquisition, securing environmental and land use permits, securing interconnection agreements, coordinating local community outreach, and other critical development tasks.


We leverage our internal engineering team, consultants, and network of engineering firms to provide detailed engineering, procurement and construction services.


To ensure the longevity of our projects and great relationships with our clients, we provide long term operation and maintenance services. We seek to ensure optimal operation, reliable equipment, and maximum uptime.

Typical energy resources

Generator set

Our typical microgrid contains a generator set for base-load operation. This generator could either be powered by diesel or gas depending on the local infrastructure available.

Battery Energy Storage System

We also offer Battery Energy Storage System [BESS] which provides several services, including PV smoothing and power during evening hours. Our BESS chemistries are primarily lead acid and Lithium Ion. We will evaluate other chemistries on a case-by-case basis.

Solar Photo-Voltaic (PV) System

We offer solar PV system which reduces the incremental cost of electricity during the day. Through our network of OEM suppliers, we offer bi-facial and mono-facial panels.

Other components may be evaluated upon request.

Depending on customer requirement, we may evaluate other energy sources to include in a microgrid.

EPC Client Engagement

Intial Discussion

Our clients reach out to us through various means. Within 48 hours, we will respond and schedule an initial discussion. During this discussion, we will seek a clear picture of project scope and expectations.


Our team of experts will visit potential project site along with clients to assess the project in order to prepare high level quotation

Detailed Design

After receiving a purchase order and clear signal to proceed, we begin detailed design and work closely with our client throughout the process to ensure that their problem is thoroughly addressed.

Project Execution

Once the solution has been vetted and approved by our client, we will then mobilize our project execution team to implement the project according to plan. Once complete, we will commission the project along with our client and hand over after they are satisfied.


We will work with all stakeholders to obtain feedback on the entire process in order to capture lessons learned so that we can continue to provide superior services to our clients.

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