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Before Ashipa Electric brought electricity to our town, as a patent medicine seller, I often struggled with the lack of light. It was difficult to see and sell my goods after dusk. However, since the arrival of electricity in Lomiro, my shop is now bright and easily accessible at night. I can clearly see my goods and attend to customers. The electricity has also allowed me to sell cold drinks and keep other goods refrigerated. Previously, there was no opportunity to keep items cold, but with the electricity, I was able to purchase a freezer and now can store perishable items with ease. Additionally, I can now offer customers cold minerals and pure water at any time. I am very grateful for the benefits that electricity has brought to my business, and I thank Ashipa Electric for making it possible. May God continually bless and strengthen you.

Ojaaduni Mary


We are so grateful for the innovation of solar electricity. Thanks to this reliable source of light, we are now able to sell our goods and services with ease. As the dry season approaches, we are excited to have even more access to electricity. When Ashipa Electric arrived in Lomiro town, I was thrilled to hear about the electrification project. For four months, my fridge had been unusable due to the lack of electricity and I couldn’t afford a generator. With the new solar electricity supply, I am now able to power all of my home and work appliances. The impact on my business has been significant, and I am grateful to Ashipa Electric for bringing electricity to our town. We pray for your continued success as we enjoy the benefits of this clean energy source. Thank you, Ashipa Electric, we are truly grateful.

Jato Funmilayo

Trader, Lomiro, Ogun State

I am originally from Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria and have been working as a professional welder in Lomiro for many years. However, at the beginning of this year (2021), I was facing difficulties in obtaining diesel to power my genset. Ever since I received the renewable energy light from Ashipa Electric, I have been able to enjoy a consistent source of energy. I am thoroughly impressed with the light’s capabilities as it can handle any welding task I take on. The impact of the light has been phenomenal, as everything works seamlessly and without error. The uninterrupted supply of energy has led to the successful completion of numerous jobs. I am grateful to Ashipa Electric for this remarkable innovation and I hope they continue to improve their services. Thank you, Ashipa Electric, and may the Lord bless you for making a significant difference in my work and life.

Monday Ezekiel

Welder, Lomiro, Ogun State

Ever since Ashipa Electric came to our community, our lives have become much more convenient. Previously, we had to rely on diesel generators to pump water, which was both stressful and unreliable. With stable electricity supply, we can now pump water anytime and use it whenever we need it. Before Ashipa Electric arrived, our customers would often leave without getting water because it wasn’t always available. Additionally, getting petrol was a hassle as we had to travel to the third or fourth village. Since Ashipa Electric arrived, we’ve been able to enjoy a more comfortable life with easy access to water and electricity. We’re grateful for Ashipa Electric and wish them all the best. Thank you for making our lives more convenient. May God continue to bless and uplift you.

Bose Olawale

Trader, Lomiro, Ogun State.