Efficient Energy Solution Reliable Utility management Energy solutions for Home and Offices

We deliver efficient energy solutions to help our clients reduce their energy cost, improve reliability, and optimize how they interact with energy and other utilities.

  • Eco friendly

  • Reliable customer support

  • Cost effective solutions

Mini Grid Development

With a project pipeline of 40 sites and about 21,000 connections, We are positioned to drastically reduce energy poverty and push power to the last mile using distributed energy resources.

Smart Utilities Management

We provide optimal utility management solution using smart technologies to track and monitor energy, water and gas usage hence reducing wastage and cost of maintaining utilities.

Software Solutions

Our range of products (AshAudit and AshGrid) have played a huge role for us to scale as developers. The hardware agnostic solution has been built to help developers with energy audits through O&M reducing the cost of project development by 30%.

who we are
About Us

Who we are

Ashipa Electric Limited was founded in Lagos, Nigeria on the premise that renewables and storage-based distributed energy will liberate the energy sector and expedite the electrification of rural and peri-urban communities.

Today, Ashipa Electric Corp. a delaware company and parent company of Ashipa Electric Limited has embarked on several electrification projects in Nigeria and that has been the highlight of our success story so far. We have successfully electrified communities that never had access to power and also reduced expense on energy for commercial entities that are now running on our clean energy solution. This milestone is validated by our qualification for the world bank NEP PBG program which will boost capacity to keep building till power get's to the last mile

Ashipa Electric has grown its capacity in utility management by leveraging technology. As a solution driven company, Ashipa Eectric keeps finding solutions to utility deficiencies thereby increasing value within the utility space.

Ashipa Electric was backed by Techstars in 2020 and participated in Cleantech Open 2021.

Our wide coverage

We will leverage our expertise in project development

Rural Electrification
Rural Electrification

We electrify and in the long run boost the commercial, economic and social prospects of rural areas and communities.

Powering Companies and Industries
Powering Companies and Industries

Powering companies and industries to help improve productivity, production and economic development.

Electric Utilities
Electric Utilities

We support power services that play a vital role in economic well-being and quality of life of the society

What We Do

How we can serve you

We deliver a wide range of services within the energy and technology sector especially energy generation, distribution and management. Our products & services include:

  • Consulting Services

  • Microgrid Development

  • Pre-planned Maintenance

  • Energy Audit App



AshGrid - Microgrid Management Software

    • Vend meter
    • Manage energy assets
    • Advanced energy audit analytics
    • Advanced analytics on assets
    • Battery management system
    • Remote control of assets
    • Sites management
    • Schedule maintenance
    • Customer feedback system
    • Data export and auto reporting


AshAudit - Energy Audit Application

    • Geo-location
    • Real time data analytics
    • Offline data storage
    • Data synchronization
    • Secure login
    • App usage log
    • Audit tool
    • Auto reporting
    • Data export
    • Quick, secure, accurate and cost effective

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Ashipa Electric has raised funding from an investor that is aligned with our mission and growth strategies